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Dishing Disney

May 24, 2018

Dishing Disney - Pocahontas

For our second movie review episode, we sat down and watched 1995's Pocahontas. Join us as we discuss the differences between the film and real life, the original plan for Pocahontas's animal sidekicks, John Smith: Cradle Robber, taking peyote and talking to trees, what the "Colors of the Wind" smell like, and much more.

Tune in next time for our third movie review episode: Alice in Wonderland. Be sure to Like, Share, and Subscribe in your favorite podcast app, and follow us on Facebook here.

Dustin & Briana, a couple who love all things Disney, sit down twice a month to discuss and analyze a variety of Disney films and topics with a grownup perspective and an adult sense of humor.
Dishing Disney will give film reviews with the memories of a child filtered through an adult frame of mind. So wish upon a star, give a little whistle, and be a part of our world as we explore the Wide World of Disney together!